My Soulmate In Heaven


In Loving Memory Bracelet 2pc Set
Materials used: 10mm amethyst natural stones, Purple CZ heart locket and key charm, silver CZ awareness ribbon charm, dangling charm that says “God has you in his arms I have you in my heart”

Amethyst is one of the most powerful and universal healing gemstones, and it can greatly benefit us when we are experiencing grief. Throughout the grieving period, it is common to have feelings of nervousness, anxiety, or general stress, making it difficult to continue with daily life. Meditating or praying with an amethyst can help counteract these negative feelings and provide you with a sense of calm.
During times of grief, we may also have difficulty sleeping, perhaps as a result of these anxious feelings. Amethyst crystals have a soothing nature. They help settle the mind and can reduce insomnia and nightmares.


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